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Devastating news for women in England with incurable secondary breast cancer, as the revolutionary drug, Kadcyla, faces being withdrawn from the NHS.

This is because NICE and the pharmaceutical company Roche couldn’t find a compromise to keep this drug available to new patients in desperate need of a lifeline.

NICE – the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence – is the body that makes decisions on which drugs will be available on the NHS.

Kadcyla is an effective life-extending treatment which gives some women with incurable secondary breast cancer precious extra months – even years – of good quality time with their loved ones and with fewer side effects than other treatments.

NICE has now decided that this treatment will no longer be available and we have to act fast if we are to change this decision and make sure Kadcyla remains available to women who need it.

Women like Bonnie, who was diagnosed with secondary breast cancer when her son was just four months old. Kadcyla would be her next drug when her current treatment stops working.

“I already feel cheated being diagnosed with secondary breast cancer at 37 with a baby, so having a drug taken away that could potentially add years to my life and give me more quality time with my son is so cruel.”

There are just four weeks left for NICE and Roche to find an agreement, before this drug is gone forever in England.

Sign the petition now, which calls on NICE and Roche to come together, re-assess this decision and find a solution to keep Kadcyla available.

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This effective treatment, with few side effects, is at risk of being denied to new patients unless a solution is reached urgently.

If NICE and Roche refuse to act, this vital treatment option will be taken away from thousands of women who are relying on it.

You can read more about Kadcyla on our website.

Sign the petition to NICE and Roche.

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Petition to: Sir Andrew Dillon, Chief Executive of NICE and Richard Erwin, General Manager of Roche  

Kadcyla is an effective, life-extending drug that must continue to be available to all eligible patients in England. We call on NICE and Roche to urgently reach a deal and ensure women with incurable secondary breast cancer are not denied Kadcyla.

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