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Progress is stalling in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer across the UK, meaning that opportunities are being missed to save more lives from breast cancer. 

Our new report Good Enough? Breast Cancer in the UK has highlighted the steps that governments and politicians in England, Scotland, Wales and NI need to take to get things back on track. 

We want politicians where you live to know about our report and what action they need to take to help us save more lives from breast cancer. With just a couple of clicks you can help us do that by making sure our report hits the headlines in your local area.

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Progress is stalling in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer and opportunities are being missed to save more lives from breast cancer. Unprecedented pressures in the health service, uncertainty, change and bureaucracy are all affecting efforts to improve care for people with breast cancer.

We must act quickly to make sure that patients have access to the drugs they need and that there are enough specialist doctors, nurses and health care professionals to diagnose, treat and support them, wherever they live.

Our new report, Good enough? Breast cancer in the UK, identifies the three most pressing actions that governments across the UK must take to save more lives from breast cancer:

  • Prevent more cases of breast cancer: Every effort must be made to significantly improve patient access to preventative drugs for breast cancer.

  • Diagnose breast cancer earlier: Governments must plan for and provide funding so that there are enough staff to diagnose breast cancer early, now and in the future.

  • Improve access to breast cancer treatments: There is an urgent need to reform the way that medicines are appraised and funded to ensure that patients have timely access to life extending drugs, at a price the health service and taxpayer can afford.

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