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Access to the best treatment and care shouldn’t be based on your postcode – yet a group of MPs has found breast cancer patients in England face stark differences in their diagnosis, treatment and care, simply because of where they live.

This postcode lottery is completely unacceptable - but with your help we can fix it.

We need Cancer Alliances, the bodies in charge of co-ordinating cancer services locally, to take action to tackle these problems and ensure that women, wherever they live, receive the best possible treatment and care.

Please email your MP and ask them to write to your local Cancer Alliance to call on them to take action.

It will only take two minutes to get in touch with your MP – All you need to do is fill out your details and click the NEXT button.

Just a moment of your time could make all the difference. The more MPs that contact their Cancer Alliance, the more likely we are to see this problem tackled so that women can know they are receiving the best possible treatment and care wherever they live.

What do Cancer Alliances need to do?

There’s a number of things that Cancer Alliances can do to address these injustices in the diagnosis, treatment and care of patients with breast cancer in England. We’re asking that:

  • Cancer Alliances and local CCGs work with NHS England and use the Cancer Dashboard and other data they hold to compare their areas to others, conduct gap analysis and ensure that any adverse trends are investigated and addressed.

  • Cancer Alliances support local providers to record all information in the Cancer Outcomes and Services Dataset (COSD), and hold them to account if data is not submitted.

  • Cancer Alliances work with Health Education England and local stakeholders to develop a local workforce plan, which considers all staff along the pathway in breast cancer care.

  • Cancer Alliances work with providers and patient representatives to develop a model pathway for breast cancer care across their footprint. This will ensure all patients have fair access to medicines, fertility services if their fertility is likely to be affected by treatment, breast reconstruction services without time restrictions and appropriate psychological support services.

  • Cancer Alliances consider how they can work with local GPs to raise awareness of the signs and symptoms of secondary breast cancer.

  • Cancer Alliances should lead the way in tailoring prevention, awareness and screening initiatives to their local populations. 

You can read the All Party Parliamentary Group on Breast Cancer’s full report into geographical inequalities, A Mixed Picture: An Inquiry into Geographical Inequalities and Breast Cancer, here

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