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My name is Jen Hardy. My breast cancer is incurable. Women in Scotland, like me, are being cruelly denied more time to live, because we can’t get a drug called Perjeta.

Women in England and Wales can get it on the NHS; in Scotland, we can’t.

It’s time to end this injustice. Help us make Perjeta available on Scotland’s NHS.

Perjeta's benefits are extraordinary, offering women with incurable HER 2-positive secondary breast cancer nearly 16 extra months of life on average compared to other treatments. 

We want the drug manufacturer Roche, the Scottish Government and the Scottish Medicines Consortium to put patients’ lives first and agree a deal to make Perjeta available at a price the NHS can afford.

The fact that a deal has been reached in England and Wales proves that it is possible for Perjeta to be made available on the NHS.

We know that negotiations are happening right now and our campaigning can put public pressure on those around the table to reach a deal quickly.  

It’s time to end this injustice and put patients’ lives first. Please join me and sign the petition today.

Petition to: Richard Erwin, General Manager of Roche, Jeane Freeman MSP, Cabinet Secretary for Health and Dr Alan MacDonald, Chairman of the Scottish Medicines Consortium

We call on the Scottish Government, Roche and the SMC to work together to secure a deal to make Perjeta available on Scotland’s NHS.

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