It's Time For Trodelvy

Trodelvy is an exciting new drug that could give women living with incurable triple negative secondary breast cancer (TNSBC) the hope of more time.

However, they are facing an agonising wait until it becomes available on the NHS.

While the drug has received its licence for use, a decision on whether it will be made available on the NHS is not expected until next year – meaning a delay of many months before women can access it.   

Women like Philippa, who was diagnosed with TNSBC last year:

"To know this drug is there but may not be available to women quickly is terrible – women will therefore die whilst waiting for it – it’s simply unjust. 

It really frightens me that it might not be available when I need it." 

There is a solution to this problem - Gilead, the company that own Trodelvy, could choose to provide the drug free of charge, to all eligible women, on the NHS, until it is assessed for routine use. 

That’s why we’re calling on them to do the right thing and come to an agreement with NHS England to allow this to happen. 

It’s crucial that patients in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland also have access to Trodelvy. That’s why we want Gilead and NHS decision-makers in the devolved nations to work together and explore every possible solution for patients getting early access to Trodelvy.

Please join our call and sign the petition today.

We don’t have time for delays, we don’t have time to wait. It’s Time for Trodelvy.