Olaparib Now - Sign the Petition

Olaparib is a breast cancer treatment that could save lives. But it has been provisionally rejected for use on the NHS in England.

With your support, we could reverse that decision – but we only have a few weeks to do it. 

Will you add your name to our petition? 

Olaparib is a ground-breaking treatment for people with high-risk HER2-negative primary breast cancer with an altered BRCA gene after surgery. It could reduce the risk of their cancer returning or progressing to become incurable secondary breast cancer. Crucially, it cuts the risk of death by almost a third.

Without your help, the people who could benefit from olaparib won’t be able to access it.

NICE has recognised that olaparib could improve the chances of treatment being successful. But right now, they say it isn’t cost-effective. 

Please sign our urgent petition calling for AstraZeneca, NICE and NHS England to work together to explore every possible solution - including AstraZeneca doing all it can to price the drug at a level that ultimately will ensure its availability.

By adding your name, you could be helping to make olaparib available on the NHS – and helping save lives.